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Diergedrag.nl provides products that communicate with animals

For most nuisance situations such as cats use your garden as a litter box or birds that pollute your living area we have animal friendly deterrents.

Against pests like mice and moles you can use ultrasound and ground vibrations that will make their environment unpleasant so they quickly leave.

Your dog is your best friend but one that has it's own will that occasionally can lead to undesirable situations.

A training collar is a tool of choice to make it clear that you're the boss at the time that it's instinct takes over the initiative.

Invisible fences are effective against runaways and automatic pet feeders take care of your pet, you can not always be present.

When your dog escapes your attention a GPS tracker will immediately show you where he hangs out.

You have more time for yourself and no worries about what happens when you are not present. Useful electronics that makes clear what you want, after all, communication is difficult enough.

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